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I tried my best, but alas, I couldn't get past the meatballs part (Like everyone else, it seems :P ).

Despite that, this is still a pretty fun game! I wish I could have seen what some of the other objectives were gonna be.

My date did not want the meat sadly, i did everything i could!

I really enjoyed this game I need more of this and things like this! 


This was so much fun to play just silly fun I'm sure you can tell in the video but have to say the meatballs was crazy i have no idea how to make this lady happy lol

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I think I kept failing the part where you had to feed her 3 meatballs. Every time I tried to put the meatballs in her mouth I would immediately get the check which I'm assuming is a game over. Basically my dating life in a nutshell. Lol.

Clip of me playing the game below starts at 9:19. The struggle was real.

I once thought of myself as the perfect gentleman... now I'm not so sure..

Ever get the feeling that nothing you do on a date is right? You've com e to the right place then! Sugarcat's dating service 101! In Check, Please! we'll go over the basics, like how to stuff meatballs in your dates' face!

I'm super confident this went well.

Wish the game was longer, and had a more "rage" factor to it, but it's for a Jam, so I understand why it's so small!


What a great approach to the game jam challenge! Perfectly blended incompatible (supposedly) genres. Well done!

I made a video for it, enjoy!

Cheers. 🍻

I saw this, and I was like hmmm....I really need this in my morning life. I'm happy that I did!

Short and sweet! Je suis tellement un petit plaisantin dans la vie, demandez à cette dame si elle trouve que je suis un bon parti XD

I like it a lot! I really hope you have plans to turn this into a much more in-depth game in the future -- I'll pick it up for sure!

pretty much suited how I act on a normal date, knocking things over, disturbing my date, and unable to move my arm up or down, I couldn't get past her first request XD

Check please was a great funny, and even slightly rage inducing game that was great but its only flaw... ITS NOT LONG ENOUGH!! It was great and that only leaves me wanting more of course!

Short but had a lot of fun :D Hope to see more from you in the future!

Such a fun little game, except she didn't like us much lol

Made a video 

The facial expressions and art really sold it for me. The wacky physics was fun and worked well enough for a game jam. I think I ended up failing a lot, but it wasn't too obvious why. Something about not being able to control the height of the hand felt very odd. Otherwise, awesome job for a game jam project!

I loved this game although the Meatballs were a roadblock for me. Checking others It seems to affect many people. In spite of that it was still fantastic fun. I'd love to see more of this if you was willing to keep working on it. Oh and the music is spot on! Loved it so very much.

Interesting game , pretty fun :D

The tasks were simple but yet fun to do!

That was a sweet and funny game. :) I liked the different reactions of the date that show up when I take (too) long with a task. <3 Smiling, shocked or even angry. :D A pure joy. The three tasks were also managable, but when one isn't too familiar with the control scheme, it takes a while - that's the point of this marvelous game, though. <3 Thanks for this Ludum Dare 41, that I happily recommended in one of our compilation articles about the jam, along with two other great games; also, it's featured in the related video. :) Thanks again and keep up the good work!

Best wishes,

Nothing more fun then flinging cutlery through your dates chest cavity.

It was a lot of fun, great job!

A short, but fun game, Check, Please! combines all the romance of a dinner date with the joy of using simulated hands. Graphically, it has a simple, yet well crafted design, with all the models have  some level of detail, but also a smoothed look to them. The controls are simple, operating with a few simple mouse clicks, but are much less frustrating to deal with than your typical hand simulator, and the audio, while limited to one music track, is pretty darn rad. Overall, I enjoyed this and think it could have potential as something larger with a little work.

Good job making a thing.

super fun game really like it the graphics are great and concept it was cool cant wait for more!!

Physics based games are always fun, and the theme for this is great.  Like many have said, idk if I won the game or if I never found a solution at the end, but it was fun nonetheless.  A game like this could be made much larger with multiple date options with different tasks suited to them.  That would be really good progression.  Great work!

This was a really funny game, and the dates expressions were priceless. I would love to see multiple fingers so you have to control all the fingers. To make it more difficult  

I TRIED TO BE NICE!... | Check, Please

well if there is one thing for sure... i dont think she wants to see me again XD this was a very cool game! i expected her slapping me across the face at the end :'D really good job on creating this!

Hiya, I quite enjoyed the game. The visuals are lovely and the music is fitting. I loved the progression from simply lighting a candle, to hand feeding your date meatballs. I've yet to see a physics based system used for a dating sim (until now of course), but it was really entertaining and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It's short, sweet and funny. 

I hope you don't mind but I made a short let's play video of your game for my channel.

Cheers and best wishes! 

Pretty fun little game! Not really sure if I keep getting game overs or beating it. Hope you enjoy the video! 

Well, I'm a failure at dating.... but that's okay! It was fun anyway! :D 

This game is super hard and, will remind you a lot like hand simulator as, you try to force your hand to do various actions before, time runs out!

Loved the games kinda reminded me of surgeon simulator with the way the charectar moves lol.


Cheers for a quick and fun game guys :) a lot of humour packed into a short experience

it's a fun game, but no matter what i do i can't get past the part with the meatballs. does it just end there with no further coding? because no matter what i do she hands me the check.

Hey Benjams, thanks for playing Check, Please! Due to the nature of the jam we ran out of time to implement a success / failure screen which were distinguishable from each other. Once you have fed her the 3 meatballs you win! 

We have a few ideas of what we would have done differently for the success / failure screen but to honour the rules of the LD jam we haven't updated the game yet. 

Thanks for playing!

turnTo banana

This is a really fun, short game.  The facial expressions were great.

This was perfect! The game definitely embodied a perfect combination of 'dating simulator' and 'physics rage game' - I loved it! The animation and models were fantastic and the music really set the mood for my awkward date. I was so nervous that I could barely lift the bottle of wine without spilling it everywhere. Actually, I totally spilled it everywhere. The facial expressions of my date were awesome. I knew she was absolutely enraged by how clumsy and dangerous I was being. I had a blast playing this game. It was hilarious and I don't think I'd change a thing about it. I don't think I finished it, but I'm pretty sure I didn't fill the glasses all the way up like I was supposed to in order to complete the task. Thanks for making this!

Very funny little game, had a lot of fun playing it, good job devs :D

A physics based dating sim. I like it! The music was great, situation was ridiculous and the date went swimmingly, nothing more I could ask for! Except maybe a second date!

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