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FunFun game, although I did have trouble getting past the meatballs... Had to get creative XD

You made it to the end! Our results screen could be doing with a bit more feedback on your success or fail. Thanks for playing!

One of the weirdest dates I've ever been on! Loved this basic concept, the posiblities for expanding on this if you ever wanted to are endless!

Loved the. Exceptional execution

Cool Game! I wish there was more levels and more task to do!

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I liked it! Was kind of confused on how I kept losing at the end. Also, I think it'd be more fun if the prompts were randomized!

Who wants to be my date?!

Had a Blast! 

Hi! I really had a blast playing it. I sucked at this dating game, but it was fun! Keep making more!

She doesn't like balls to the face, apparently. That's as far as I got! Nice game, but a struggle to tell what ticks her off.

Hello. I love this game I rate this IV/IV.

lol fun games, keep up the good work 

Nice! I watched A jacksepticeye Video on this. I have not played it yet but I expect extreme rage!

Thank you for one of the funest games i've play in ages well done keep up the great work. 

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Definitely one one the weirdest dates up to date. But the game was great, nice job devs!

This game was great! I had fun playing it dispute the fact that my laptop sucks and it lagged quite a bit (and I had it on the lowest possible graphics settings.) So anyway, I hope you enjoy watching my let's play on it! As I always do in my videos, I left a link to the game and encouraged people to support the devs.

it was hard

My only problem is the meatball part, can't seem to get through that every time I try to feed her some. But, other than that, this is a great game to pass the time by. :)

This is actually a really cute game and is super fun. Though one issue is I'm terrible at it ;-;

Really fun and entertaining dating simulator!!!!

Funny and charming experience, closer to reality than you might actually think. 

I especially like how you perfectly represented the spirit of the date, and with that I mean the moustache :D

I made a video playing your game:

if you want to check, best of luck with your future projects, cheers!

your games is amazing :DD: 

Can you please download my game?

No one understands how empty I feel due to her not eating the meatballs, besides that, this game was certainly an addictive time-killer!


Poop is awsome:p

I tried my best, but alas, I couldn't get past the meatballs part (Like everyone else, it seems :P ).

Despite that, this is still a pretty fun game! I wish I could have seen what some of the other objectives were gonna be.

My date did not want the meat sadly, i did everything i could!

I really enjoyed this game I need more of this and things like this! 


This was so much fun to play just silly fun I'm sure you can tell in the video but have to say the meatballs was crazy i have no idea how to make this lady happy lol

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I think I kept failing the part where you had to feed her 3 meatballs. Every time I tried to put the meatballs in her mouth I would immediately get the check which I'm assuming is a game over. Basically my dating life in a nutshell. Lol.

Clip of me playing the game below starts at 9:19. The struggle was real.

I once thought of myself as the perfect gentleman... now I'm not so sure..

Ever get the feeling that nothing you do on a date is right? You've com e to the right place then! Sugarcat's dating service 101! In Check, Please! we'll go over the basics, like how to stuff meatballs in your dates' face!

I'm super confident this went well.

Wish the game was longer, and had a more "rage" factor to it, but it's for a Jam, so I understand why it's so small!


What a great approach to the game jam challenge! Perfectly blended incompatible (supposedly) genres. Well done!

I made a video for it, enjoy!

Cheers. 🍻

I saw this, and I was like hmmm....I really need this in my morning life. I'm happy that I did!

Short and sweet! Je suis tellement un petit plaisantin dans la vie, demandez à cette dame si elle trouve que je suis un bon parti XD

I like it a lot! I really hope you have plans to turn this into a much more in-depth game in the future -- I'll pick it up for sure!

pretty much suited how I act on a normal date, knocking things over, disturbing my date, and unable to move my arm up or down, I couldn't get past her first request XD

Check please was a great funny, and even slightly rage inducing game that was great but its only flaw... ITS NOT LONG ENOUGH!! It was great and that only leaves me wanting more of course!

Short but had a lot of fun :D Hope to see more from you in the future!

Such a fun little game, except she didn't like us much lol

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