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i sucked but it was still fun xD


wHooOoop ToEEchHA MAHHHH SPeRgOOt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


haaaaaaaaaa much meaty speghet

good game 10/10

Played this hilarious game on my channel! Nothing better than spilling wine on your noodles and feeding meatballs to your date 😂

Super cute, fun and interesting to play! I had a ton of fun on my date and needed more than my fair share of wine to get through it lol! and honestly the meatbal thing didn't bother me too much, I just assumed she really didnt like me! XD All in all, I had a lot of fun with this game expecially considering the strict ludum dare rules! Thank you for taking the time to make this cute game and if you got a chance I made a small let's play on it and I'd really appreciate it if you got a chance to check it out! Wishing you all the best! 

cant downlod

My date grew a mustache because I took so long.

Great game! :D


This was actually pretty fun! I wasn't sure if I was doing something wrong with the meatballs, maybe she didn't like being hand fed LOL!


Just checked this game out it has a lot  of potential.  Pretty impressive given the Ludum Dare time constraints. 

i played your game quite funny lul but was impossimeatball just to give her the meatballs xD

This game was a lot of fun to play, though I wish it was completed since nothing happens after the meatballs. Regardless, I enjoyed it A LOT A LOT and would love to see it go further- maybe a dessert round? Thanks for a great game!

where is the character with woman doing it to men

So triggered 

This game is great with a fantastic soundtrack (that I rapped to XD) I just wish you could get pass the meatball part. It was also somehow a conduit for butthole jokes.

i think that this game is awesome

Such a fun game, had a really good time playing it :) Good job! I liked the way you used her facial expressions to show how you were doing. 

Is it even possible to feed her the meatballs? I tried everything, literally :D

P.S Loved the mustache.

This is a really fun game! The first two steps were easy when you get used to handling the controls, but I could never get past the one where you have to feed her three meatballs. Does anyone know how to do that? Thank you for making this game! 

This game is delightfully insane! I'm a little late to the party, but I usually am!

Wonky physics games are right up there in my list of favourite genres, and this one leapt right into my wonky heart! I didn't get much done, but I had a whale of a time doing it. And now I know for certain that I'm totally not ready for real-life dates. Thanks!

Keep up the awesomely awesome work everyone! =)

This was a fun game and a great concept. I had a lot of fun playing it. The only drawback is that I wish there was more. Thanks for making this little gem guys!

Linux verson only runs a side show animation that only shows the UNITY logo and shows only the beginning screen without even working

it worked for me with an amd card and open source drivers. Hoever there are some issues with the game. If you play windowed then the mouse cursor isn't grabbed (it slides out of the frame), and if you play full screen and alt-tab the mouse is restricted to a tiny area.

Of course the one time I get a date, it gets ruined because of my stupidity...
A little playthrough on my channel, ArthurPlays:

J'suis pas un bon dragueur :,(

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I give it an 8/10

Thank you!

This was a good game!

That's a win in our book too! Congrats on getting to the end and thank you for making such an entertaining video! 

Thank you so much!


She didn't like me feeding her meatballs by hand, I think?

Thanks for playing! We have a few bugs to iron out and some plans for better user feedback -- we hear you loud and clear :D

This game is a lot of fun ^_^

Thanks for playing! Do you have that Doggo onesie IRL? I wonder if the date would find that attire amusing at dinner:p

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FunFun game, although I did have trouble getting past the meatballs... Had to get creative XD

You made it to the end! Our results screen could be doing with a bit more feedback on your success or fail. Thanks for playing!

One of the weirdest dates I've ever been on! Loved this basic concept, the posiblities for expanding on this if you ever wanted to are endless!

Loved the. Exceptional execution

Cool Game! I wish there was more levels and more task to do!

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I liked it! Was kind of confused on how I kept losing at the end. Also, I think it'd be more fun if the prompts were randomized!

Who wants to be my date?!

Had a Blast! 

Hi! I really had a blast playing it. I sucked at this dating game, but it was fun! Keep making more!

She doesn't like balls to the face, apparently. That's as far as I got! Nice game, but a struggle to tell what ticks her off.

Hello. I love this game I rate this IV/IV.

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