A downloadable game for Windows

Introducing Echo,

Formed from pure energy Echo finds herself in a world where energy is running out.
Travel through treacherous realms to bring Echo home before it's too late!

For every action in this world Echo must play a price, every move will cost Echo energy.
An assault of foes from every side, Echo must destroy her eneimes; collecting energy orbs to keep her going.

Controller Controls (RECOMMENDED):
Move: Left Thumbstick
Look: Right Thumbstick
Dash: Left Trigger
Shoot: Right Trigger
Melee: Right Bumper

PC Controls:
Move: WASD
Look: Mouse
Dash: Space
Shoot: Left click
Melee: Right click

- Tim Lewis
- Quentin Warnant
- Hannah Payne
- Aron Durkin
- Gavin Stewart

Install instructions

Download. Extract all. Run Echo.exe


EchoGame.zip 22 MB


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Guys. Anyway you can release the unity Editor files as well?  For us newbies to learn alittle more? 

Any chance of a Mac build? Definitely curious to play this one.

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The game is amazing, and if you continue, I think the enemies could be toned down a bit. Like if there was a larger gap between spawn or more dungeons, but each one is shorter.  Also, I love the art style.